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Workforce Metrics

The following is a sample of key community metrics. Please click tabs and images to explore details.

Workforce Profile
Minority Workforce

MN Compass Workforce

Olmsted Jobs 2017

Olmsted Jobs 2017

Rochester 2017 Jobs

Rochester 2017 Jobs

DMC Construction Minority

DMC Construction Minority



Workforce development affiliated projects, organization, status and events.

Key Workforce Projects

Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan

Develop Description

To further increase participation rates of targeted businesses and workforce on DMC projects, four priorities have been identified that are outlined below. (1) Build capacity of Targeted Businesses located in Southeastern Minnesota (2) Assess gaps with existing subcontractors to determine market opportunity. (3) Recruit women and minorities from workforce to start their own companies. (4) Host workshops to educate entrepreneurs, provide consulting services for WMBVE certification process and assist with bid process to win contracts on DMC projects.

Strategies (How)

1. Build capacity of Target Businesses located in Southeastern Minnesota

2. Evaluate the City of Rochester DMC Construction Workforce Participation 

3. Promote trade careers to under-employed, women, minorities and youth

4. Learn best practices for recruiting and training workforce



September 02, 2021 City of Rochester, MN: Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan 3Q2021

Key info includes: 3Q 2021 News, 2021 Global Mayors Challenge, DMC Discovery Walk Pre-bid 

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May 28, 2021 City of Rochester, MN: Targeted Business Enterprise Utilization Plan

2021-05-28 News: Msg from JJ,;  May 2021 TB Report;  ACG pledge , 

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January 01, 2021 City of Rochester, MN: 2020 Targeted Business, Workforce Participation Reports

2020-12-11 Report; 2020-11-02 October Report; 2020-09-30 September Report 

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June 17, 2020 City of Rochester, MN: Beam connecting TBE with community resources

Set up connections with Diversity Council's Community Mobilization Resources and allies

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Collider Inclusion Open Entrepreneur Ecosystem Navigator

Available Description

A three-phase solution to empower underserved entrepreneurs and to reduce the isolation and stressors of entrepreneurship through the creation of an Ecosystem Navigator Program. Navigators will serve as personal guides, meeting one-on-one with entrepreneurs to better understand their personal and professional needs as well as work to connect each entrepreneur with the appropriate events, services, and people they need to help individual entrepreneurs overcome their unique barriers to success.

Prosperity Initiative

Plan Description

The Prosperity Initiative promotes inclusive entrepreneurship and business growth for entrepreneurs who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of color (BIPOC). The program provides regular education, coaching and business resources to BIPOC business owners in SMIF’s 20-county region.

Strategies (How)

In addition to Small Business Development Center-Rochester, other partner organizations include Blandin Foundation's Leadership in Ethnically Diverse Communities Program, Community and Economic Development Associates, Greater Mankato Diversity Council, Latino Economic Development Center (Minneapolis), Project FINE (Winona), Region 9 Development Commission (Mankato), Diversity Council (Rochester), and Welcome Center (Austin). — staff reports

July 11, 2018 Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation: Prosperity Initiative


Minority Business Conference hosted by SBDC, Diversity Council and Prosperity Initiative

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Workforce Affiliated Projects, Organizations, Status

Workforce Development Related Projects
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