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About Dashboard Beam 

Various anchor initiatives in Rochester have overlapping goals and that the organizations/teams driving these initiatives have great intention to collaborate. And the difficulty of teaming and collaboration among large scale projects is well-known though seldom receives serious discussions. That's why alignment of goals, indicators, strategies and measurements is highly valued in best-practices such as Lean 6 Sigma.

However, a rigid top-down approach which says everything has to be lined up before actions take place is not practical in our matrix world. What we champion is "beaming up" transparency, accountability, responsiveness and process-centric disciplines by leveraging technology to allow side-by-side visibility of various projects.

A subset of, this portal demonstrates how it could be done.  



About Al Lun 


Retired from IBM and founder of, Al Lun has worked in the computer industry for over 3 decades. He has worked in technology development in various capacities including architecture, project management, software/hardware development and people management.


Active in Rochester-area philanthropic boards, Al is also building out the Community Beam website to co-create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared


He believes in the 4P principle of running an organization: People, Process, Product, Profit, in that order. And people must be first.


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About Community Beam


The Community Beam portal was built to help create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly sharedIf you find the information contained here useful, please consider making donations to the following non-profit organizations 



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