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Housing Measures/Projects

Housing Dashboard

The following is a sample of key community metrics. Please click tabs and images to explore details.

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References: Data from 2014 Maxfield Study  Community Service Reports

Housing Related Projects
Project Phase Definitions

The following defines the various project phases:

  1. Available - a product, program or service is in production
  2. Develop - program or application is being developed
  3. Plan - idea is solid, stakeholders are identified, and there is strong commitment to go forward from all parties.
  4. Concept Phase - idea scoped out with enough details to give an early sizing and/or to build a proof of concept
  5. Pre-concept Phase - an early idea or a requirement.

The following projects are deemed to impact housing:


Riverfront Re-Imagined Project

Impacting: Waterfront

Led by : City of Rochester
Description The City of Rochester has released a Statement of Interest (SOI) for the Riverfront Re-imagined project and is seeking submissions by January 30, 2020. An innovative development partner is being sought to revitalize and transform one of Rochester’s best remaining land assets. The 2.5-acre parcel is on the riverfront in the heart of the downtown and the Destination Medical Center (DMC) distric

South-of-Downtown Waterfront Small Area Plan

Impacting: Waterfront

Led by : City of Rochester and DMC EDA
Description In Rochester's most recent comprehensive plan, adopted in 2018, the South-of-Downtown Waterfront Small Areawas indetified for revitablization due to its promixmity to the downtown, forntage along the Zumbro River, and the presence of large tracts of underutilized property. The City of Rochester felt that it would be beneficial to work with stakeholders, including DMC EDA to prepare a collborative that that represents a shared vision of the Project Area.

Technology Park Affordable Housing

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : TBD
Description Technology Park Apartments is a 164-unit complex proposed to be built on the north side of Technology Drive Northwest between Valleyhigh Drive and West Circle Drive. Its neighbor to the east would be Benchmark Electronics, 3535 Technology Drive NW, with Costco to the south and Crooked Pint to the west.

Age-Friendly Olmsted County (AFOC)


Led by : Family Service Rochester
Description Age-Friendly Olmsted County (AFOC) is a cross-sector initiative to ensure that residents of Olmsted County have what they need to live with autonomy and dignity in all life’s stages. When Olmsted County became a member of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities in early 2020, it officially joined a global movement, with roots in the World Health Organization, to help cities and communities respond to an aging population and prepare for a permanently older society.

America Community for Health


Led by : DMC EDA
Description Interlocking between DMC, Olmsted County and Rochester City and Community organizations to ensure social impacts are factored into DMC project evaluation process and City Comprehensive Plan (P2S).

Century Heights (CH)

Impacting: Financial Stress/Homelessness ; Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : Joseph Developments LLC
Description New construction of 76 rental homes with 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units. When complete, the apartment complex will provide 30 one-bedroom units, as well as services to support residents’ mental health needs. Center City will work with the county and its Housing and Redevelopment Authority on the project.

Mayowood Apartments (MA)

Impacting: Financial Stress/Homelessness ; Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : Center City Housing
Description New construction of 30 rental homes with 1-bedroom units. Provides supportive housing in an economically integrated setting. The project would create 20 to 30 apartments in a building at 1025 Mayowood Road. The facility would cater to people with behavioral health needs, offering access to support programs in addition to living space.

North Rock Real Estate

Impacting: Discovery Square

Led by : North Rock
Description North Rock Real Estate is proposing a 50-unit apartment complex for the former Creative Salon site, located at 324 1st Avenue Southwest. Initial plans call for 25 studio apartments, starting at 375 square feet, along with 20 one-bedroom units and five two-bedroom apartments.

Valleyhigh Villas

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : TBD
Description 139-unit senior affordable housing

Bryk Apartments

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : TBD
Description A new workforce housing development project will bring affordable living options to downtown Rochester. If all goes as planned, 180 families of modest means will celebrate the December 2022 holiday season in their new homes at the Bryk on Broadway. Perhaps a new college graduate working as a lab technician, or an immigrant family working side jobs while upskilling at RCTC, or a retired couple who want to free themselves of the chores of owning a home will be among its first residents. All will have an easy walk, bike, or bus ride to great job opportunities, incredible parks and trails, a first-class library and community center, and a robust set of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

City of Rochester Initiates New Budget Process and Publishes Digital Format

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : City of Rochester, MN
Description The budget development process for 2019 has been revised as the City of Rochester transitions to a revenue first, multi-year budget. It is anticipated to be fully implemented over a two year period (2018 and 2019), with significant progress being made this year.

Jeremiah Program (Campus for Single Mothers and their Children)

Impacting: Family ; C2C: Prenatal-K Development ; C2C: Kindergarten Readiness ; C2C: 3rd Grade Reading ; C2C: Post-Secondary ; C2C: Workforce Participation ; Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : Jeremiah Program
Description Jeremiah Program Rochester-Southeast Minnesota launched its campaign for a campus in Rochester to serve 40 single women with children from Southeast Minnesota, with the assistance of a gift from the Sisters of Saint Francis, Rochester, MN.

Residence at Discovery Square (Third Ave Lofts Residence at Discovery Square)

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate ; Discovery Square

Led by : The Urban Studio
Description Early tentative plans were presented to Rochester's Committee on Urban Design and Environment in January by the Vinar's architect, Teresa McCormack. McCormack, the owner of The Urban Studio in Rochester, described the complex with an estimated 150 market-rate apartments plus mixed-use commercial space.

Warming Center


Led by : City of Rochester, MN; County of Olmsted, MN
Description Members of the Olmsted County Board’s administrative committee agreed Tuesday to increase the available budget for the remodel from $170,000 to $200,000. The city of Rochester has committed up to $100,000 to costs related to the warming center, which includes a contract with Catholic Charities of Southern Minnesota for operations through the end of March. Miller said $50,000 of that is expected to be used on the remodel. “We’re a little over what we initially projected,” County Administrator Heidi Welsch said. Mayo Clinic and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce, along with other business entities, are also expected to contribute to funding the work related to creating and operating the center. The work being done includes creating space for 30 beds, three individual spaces for sinks and toilets and three shower stalls, as well as a kitchenette space and room for two washers and two dryers.

501 on First Development

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate

Led by : 501 on First
Description Fifth stree SW and Second Av, residential and retail

Berkman Apartments (Alatus Development)

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate ; Retail, Dining & Entertainment ; St Marys Place

Led by : Alatus, LLC
Description A more than $100 million housing and commercial development is proposed for a high-profile corner of Second Street Southwest, next to Mayo Clinic's Saint Marys campus. The plans call for a 13-story building with two levels of underground parking to be built on more than two acres at the southwest corner of 14th Avenue Southwest and Second Street. The Brentwood on 2nd and the Ray-Mar Motel stand on that corner. The hotels, along with some nearby houses, will be demolished to clear the way for the project. The Brentwood also houses several businesses, including City Market, Charlie's Eatery & Pub, A Shared Smile and the Healing Touch Spa.

Community Center Northwest of Rochester (Empowerment Center)

Impacting: Best Practice ; Business Process ; Financial Stress/Homelessness ; Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : Center City Housing
Description A project for homeless families in the Rochester area is seeking funding for what the planners are calling the "Empowerment Center" to be housed in a former elementary school. Center City Housing Corp., a nonprofit based in Duluth, announced Thursday that more than 80 percent of those that participated in a campaign planning study support the idea of turning the East Gage School site into a community center, to be called the Empowerment Center.

Destination Medical Center (DMC)

Impacting: Best Practice ; Business Process ; Livable City ; Hotel & Hospitality ; Retail, Dining & Entertainment ; Arts & Culture ; Commercial Research & Technology ; Health & Wellness ; Learning Environment ; Sports, Recreation, Nature ; Heart of the City ; Discovery Square ; UMR and Recreation ; Central Station

Led by : DMC EDA
Description Intended to bring to Rochester, Olmsted County and Minnesota private investment in excess of $5.6 billion: • Seeks to create at least 35,000 new jobs in Minnesota and bring tax revenue in excess of $7 billion to the State • Intended to give prospective employees,patients and visitors substantial reason to consider Rochester their ‘destination’.

Eviction Prevention Project


Led by : Legal Assistance of Olmsted County
Description For many families, paying one big, unexpected bill can mean the rent doesn’t get paid on time. Under Minnesota law, a landlord can file an eviction notice the first day the rent is late. Olmsted County District Court deals with more than 350 eviction cases per year.

First Avenue Flats

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate ; Central Station

Led by : Joseph Development
Description $4.9M - Central Station: A downtown development that has garnered favor with city officials for providing affordable housing is on track to win the city's approval. The Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday reviewed a final development plan for the Flats on First, a 68-unit apartment building formerly referred to as The Downtowner. The commission previously had recommended denial of the development's preliminary plat, but the city council gave approval based on the city's desperate need for affordable housing in light of Destination Medical Center plans.

Flats on Fourth (Ovation/Stencil-Buckeye)

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate ; Housing: Market Rate

Led by : Stencil Group
Description 92 unit multi-family complex in Rochester, MN. The developer and builder at Stencil Group plans to build a six-story apartment complex with retail on the main level and underground parking for residents.

Gage East Apartments

Impacting: Education ; Adult Education ; Children & Youth ; Diversity and Inclusion ; Financial Stress/Homelessness ; Housing: Affordable Rate ; Special Needs

Led by : Center City Housing
Description As the city of Rochester continues to grow and develop, concerns remain for those who have been left in the margins. "Whether it be folks in the probation system, folks in our social services or public assistance system, we see it all over," said Paul Fleissner, director of Olmsted County Community Services. Soon, the former Gage East Elementary will offer relief to Med City's marginalized. On Tuesday, the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners approved an $11 million plan to build a housing complex for the homeless on the site.

Housing Alliance Coalition

Impacting: Heritage Preservation ; Civic Engagement ; Diversity and Inclusion ; Financial Stress/Homelessness ; Housing: Affordable Rate ; Housing: Market Rate ; Governance/Public Policy ; Health & Wellness

Led by : Coalition for Rochester Area Housing
Description A continuing project to realize this purpose: “We are a cross-sector Alliance of organizations and individuals who seek to preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing that meets community needs and priorities in the Rochester area, through shared information, coordination, and collaboration.”

Lofts at Mayo Park

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate

Led by : Pougiales Trust
Description Short and long-term luxury furnished and unfurnished apartment living on the Zumbro River Waterfront. A short walk to Mayo Clinic campus and downtown. Bike, walk, run, and play in the park or on the trails right outside your door.

Maven on Broadway (Opus)

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate ; Discovery Square

Led by : Titan Invesment and OPUS Group
Description Discovery Square 238K Square Foot 6 story commercial and residental complex(9,000 square feet allocated for retail)

Planning 2 Succeed: Rochester 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Impacting: Health & Wellness

Led by : Community Development Department
Description Rochester is a growing community and that growth is anticipated to continue. Growth and change presents both opportunities and challenges. Long-range planning is needed to position the City to address its long-term needs; to be resilient; to support changing demographics; and to address housing demand, multi-modal transportation needs, growth in jobs and visitors, and more; while working with finite resources. Rochester’s long-range planning effort, referred to as “Planning to Succeed” or P2S, will update the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Riverwalk Apartment

Impacting: Housing: Market Rate

Led by : North Rock Real Estate
Description "We're proposing to do a very high-end development without any public assistance of any manner," Zirbes said at a planning commission meeting Wednesday night. The development group held two meetings with the East Side Pioneers Neighborhood Association, the last on Sept. 29, and made changes to the plan to reduce density, move the entrance to an underground parking garage, increase setbacks from neighboring properties and add more landscape improvements.

Zumbro Ridge Estates

Impacting: Housing: Affordable Rate

Led by : First Homes
Description We are now a Resident owned affordable housing Community. We are under exciting New Renovations and planning of bringing in new affordable housing options. A new picnic area, children's playground and basket ball court for our children. Renovations of the office to include a meeting room with kitchen and bathroom. We will have a small library for the children, with some Sat. morning reading of stories. Plans for boy scouts and girl scouts. A positive beautiful affordable community to raise your children in.


Housing News/Status

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September 10, 2021 Family Service Rochester: Age-Friendly Olmsted County (AFOC) Meetings Log

9/10/2021 message from Dave Beal, August 2021 kickoff and inventory meeting

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August 19, 2021 County of Olmsted, MN: Olmsted County Kiosks to increase access to county services and information

 In an effort to help eliminate barriers such as transportation and increase access to Olmsted County services, the county is placing 11 kiosks in various locations across the community.

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June 27, 2021 Family Service Rochester: AARP Age Friendly Community

(1) 2021-06-27 Status Community Report;  (2) 2020-01-15:Olmsted County joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities.


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June 17, 2021 City of Rochester, MN: Sustainable, Resilient Rochester

Sustainability Task Force: Presentations to CMRC, Housing and Feedback from survey and action plan

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May 26, 2021 TBD: Bryk Apartments March and May Status

March and May reports to DMCC including video, documents and presentations. 

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