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Housing Alliance Coalition

A continuing project to realize this purpose: “We are a cross-sector Alliance of organizations and individuals who seek to preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing that meets community needs and priorities in the Rochester area, through shared information, coordination, and collaboration.”

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Project Impact(s): Aging, Business Process, Commitment, CMRC, Diversity and Inclusion, Housing, Neighborhood, OpenBeam

This project is in Available Phase.

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Collaborators, Project Type, Impacts, Related Projects



Lead Organization: Coalition for Rochester Area Housing

Contact: JoMarie Morris ; Email: ; Phone: TBD

Known/Likely Collaborators: AARP Rochester, MN ; Center City Housing (Silver Creek Corners) ; City of Rochester, MN ; Coalition for Rochester Area Housing ; Communities United for Rochester Empowerment (CURE) ; Community Development Department (Formerly Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department) ; Community Mobilization Resource Coalition (CMRC) ; County of Olmsted, MN ; DMC EDA ; Diversity Council ; Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMH) ; Homes for All ; Olmsted County Community Services ; Olmsted County HRA ; OpenBeam ; Rochester Area Foundation ; Three Rivers Community Action

Potential Collaborators:

Related Projects

501 on First Development ; Affordable or Mixed Income Housing Units Above Parking Ramp #6 ; Age-Friendly Olmsted County (AFOC) Plan ; Bryk Apartments ; Century Heights (CH) ; Empowerment Center/Gage East Apartments ; Jeremiah Program (Campus for Single Mothers and their Children) ; Mayowood Apartments (MA) ; Planning To Succeed: Rochester 2040 Comprehensive Plan (P2S) ; SE Mn Together: A regional community growth initiative ; South-of-Downtown Waterfront Small Area Plan


Major Impact:  Housing

PlanScape Impacts :

Level 1: Aging, Business Process, Commitment, CMRC, Diversity and Inclusion, Housing, Neighborhood, OpenBeam

Level 2: Heritage Preservation, Civic Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Stress/Homelessness, Housing: Affordable Rate, Housing: Market Rate, Governance/Public Policy, Health & Wellness

DMC Impacts:

Livable City

Community Health Impacts:

Financial Stress/Homelessness

Type of Project

Planning, Special  



Detailed Description






MN Governor Housing Taskforce Report       





Olmsted County Market Area

2016-2020 Housing Framework    


Maxfield Study




Maxfield Study Summary


More Info


Housing Coalition


Housing Events


Governor's Housing Task Force


Mixed Income Housing Report





Greater Minnesota Housing Funds (GMHF) Facilitating "Housing Action Plan"

Coordinated with all local planning efforts

Establish housing production goals

Identify financing tools, policy tools, best practices

Consult with State, Federal & Local Government & Foundations

Plan for increased local development capacity

Innovative policies, strategies & Public/Private Partnerships


Expected Results

2021 Report



Outcome Indicators


Homeless rates reduction and demographics profile improvement

Reduced area Annual Rental Production Trend (2006-2012) and Annual Needs Projections (2014 - 2020) Gaps

Market Rate Rental

Affordable Workforce Rental


Market Rate SeniorAffordable Senior
Production Demand Production Demand Production Demand Production Demand
117 167 20 246 16 251 8 126


1. Rental affordability improvements from current statistics of 58.2% of area renters cannot

afford the average market rent of $957 / Month. Majority of renters are rent burdened.

2. Improved affordable workforce rental general occupancy from 1.2% to xx% and affordable

senior rental housing from 0.8% to yy%.




Performance Measures:



Key reports on: Housing Alliance Coalition

Minnesota Housing Profile Housing Statistics and Findings (May 17, 2024)

2023 Olmsted County Housing Profile

State of MN Profile and Findings

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City of Rochester Housing Actions (March 07, 2024)

Feb 26 City Council Study Session Housing Portion: Economic Development Incentives for Housing

Video Clip

Presentation Slides

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Housing Alliance Coalition BIPOC Co-designing (January 19, 2023)
Housing Alliance Coalition BIPOC Homeownership Co-designing Co-designing report

Read more ...

Housing Alliance Coalition Senior Housing Report (August 10, 2022)
(A) Aug 2022 status: Request for Proposals for Senior Housing Development;  (B) Dec, 2021 status: (1) Senior Housing Community Co-Design Project Report;  (2) Project Background: Describing Senior Housing Project and Recruiting Co-Designing Team Members


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Multi-Year Plan and $15M Commitment (December 02, 2021)
Mayo Clinic announced an additional $5 Million contribution to affordable housing bridge. 

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2019 DMCC Affordable Housing Work Plan Status (September 27, 2019)

2019 Presentations : September DMCC, meeting, May DMCC meeting and Feb DMCC meeting.

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Councilman Michael Wojcik Comments to DMC pertaining to Affordable Housing (February 15, 2019)

Here are 6 comments / Suggestions that that Councilman Wojcik sent do the DMC EDA and Board pertaining to how DMC can have a positive impact on the affordability of housing in the district and beyond.

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Collective Impact Model to enable Housing Coalition (December 09, 2018)

11/13/2018 Housing Coalition meeting starting a series of conversations regarding the future and role of the housing alliance in our community.  To start these conversations, Elaine Case will be presenting on the Community Impact model.



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City Council Discussing Affordable Housing (September 21, 2017)
City Council's Committee at Large discussed Affordable Housing and Councilman Michael Wojcik's counter proposal. 

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Project Phase Definitions
The following defines the various project phases:
  1. Available - a product, program or service is in production
  2. Develop - program or application is being developed
  3. Plan - idea is solid, stakeholders are identified, and there is strong commitment to go forward from all parties.
  4. Concept Phase - idea scoped out with enough details to give an early sizing and/or to build a proof of concept
  5. Pre-concept Phase - an early idea or a requirement.
About Beam
  • For the commercial sector, we tend to register startup activities (new companies and new commercial projects) that bring diversification and high-impact opportunities to the area.
  • For the non-profit sector, we wish to shine light on all the organizations and services that otherwise labor under relative obscurity.
  • Our hope is that will encourage cross-sector collaborations and creative solutions.

While there are a number of registries in the community,'s  distinct value is to pilot a database with a data structure and categorizations that answer the questions such as: What organizations or projects/programs in our community that have purported relevance with some of the over-arching focuses put forward by initiatives such as DMC, J2G and Health Improvements?

This database could be used as one of the ways to explore the capacities of the community. If you are someone on an exploratory journey to learn about the greater Rochester community. could be an interesting first step.

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