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Castle Community Proposal for Rochester Armory Building

Beam Project Type: Building     Project in Plan Phase

A Truly Unique Community Space Imagine a bustling, rejuvenated community gathering space in our downtown, where artists can afford to work, learn, and grow their craft. Imagine a place where the community can explore, meet, and expand. Imagine a creative environment where young, old, rich, poor, artsy, and fartsy can escape, dream, and celebrate together. Imagine a Creative Castle Community.

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Lead Organization: Castlecommunity

Confirmed Collaborators: City of Rochester, MN

Potential Collaborators: Rochester Arts Center ; Rochester Arts and Cultural Collaborative ; Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust


PB Article 2017-01-14

The committee of the whole meeting is set for 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in Room 104 of the city-county Government Center.

Option 1: Maintain

The city could maintain ownership of the Armory building for a public use. Several groups have expressed interest in the property, including an arts and culture group, a group hoping to establish a veterans' museum, and a charter school.

The council would need to consider re-opening or re-starting a request for proposals process to select a tenant for the building. This option would likely see continued public funding support for building operations, and the city would retain liability for ongoing building maintenance and repairs.

Option 2: Divest

The city could market and pursue an outright sale of the Armory building. A private appraisal of the property set the value of the building at $675,000. The two city-owned parking lots near the property were valued at around $1.5 million. The value of the building could be 20 to 30 percent higher if it included the parking lots.

The appraisal also determined office and restaurant uses were the most viable in the building.

Option 3: Partial sale

A third option, or range of options, would include a sale of the Armory building and numerous scenarios for the city parking lots. The city could commit a number of guaranteed parking spaces to the building or move toward a future potential sale of the parking lots. This would facilitate a wider range of potential uses for the building.

The building is a protected historic property and would have to maintain its exterior and historic features in any future use, a condition that affected the value and potential uses of the building.



Level 1: Heritage Preservation

Level 2: Hangout ; Retail, Dining & Entertainment ; Heart of the City

DMC: Retail, Dining & Entertainment, Arts & Culture ; Heart of the City

Community Health:

Status Reports Related PlanScape Status on: Heritage Preservation

July 10, 2017 Med City Beat: City Marketing Rochester Armory Building

The project, dubbed "Castle Community," was selected out of a pool of five proposals. A plan to turn the building into an entertainment and music venue finished as the runner-up.

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September 10, 2017: Planning 2 Succeed: Rochester 2040 Comprehensive Plan

P2S updates to be presented to CNG in September CNG meeting. 

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February 12, 2017: Chateau Theater 2017 Status

City Council asked that there be further exploration of several key elements from the report: a) Relationship of Chateau Theatre physical space and financing to other adjacent public and private projects, etc

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November 18, 2016: Chateau Theater Option E $21.3 million plan

A $21.3 million plan to expand the Chateau Theatre is headed to the Rochester City Council later this month for approval.

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August 26, 2016: Chateau Theater Reuse Study by Webb Management Services

Partnering with Mille Dunwiddie Architecture and Schuler Shook Theatre Planning, Webb Management Services published a resuse study.

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August 25, 2016: Highlight of Stantec's Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department Strategic Plan Assessment and Recommendations

Steantec Consulting Services retained by Olmsted County completed an assessment of the Rochester-Olmsted County Department (ROPD) just published a set of game-changing recommendations.  Among other observersations is "If ever there was a Comprehensieve Plan that should be designed to be a living doucment, it is the ROPD Comprehensive Plan (6.7) of assment document."

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