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Saint Marys Place: Holiday Inn Project

Brutger Equities' plans for a $63 million hotel project across Second Street from Saint Marys Hospital was a big deal. An array of forces came together to challenge the developer, the city's planning and zoning process, the Destination Medical Center bureaucracy, and eventually the City Council's competency, and developer Larry Brutger decided he'd had enough.TBD

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Lead Organization: Brutger Equities

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Destination Medical Center (DMC)


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Hotel & Hospitality, Arts & Culture

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Brutger Equities' plans for a $63 million hotel project across Second Street from Saint Marys Hospital was a big deal. An array of forces came together to challenge the developer, the city's planning and zoning process, the Destination Medical Center bureaucracy, and eventually the City Council's competency, and developer Larry Brutger decided he'd had enough.


A new plan has emerged to build a 225-room Holiday Inn and Suites hotel at Second Street and 13th Avenue Southwest, across from Mayo Clinic's Francis Building.

The site has long been discussed as a potential location for a hotel, said developer Larry Brutger, of St. Could. Brutger is in talks to purchase the property if plans for the development move through the city of Rochester's process.

Brutger and local consultants presented a plan to Rochester's Committee on Urban Design and Environment before a pre-development meeting with city officials Thursday. Brutger said the project team is aiming for an Aug. 26 project submission, which means final approval could be obtained by Jan. 4 at the earliest.

The building would stand six stories at its tallest point and four stories in other areas. Four stories of parking, two underground, would be attached to the project.

Brutger said his team of ESG Architects of Minneapolis and CRW Architecture and Design Group of Rochester has already met twice with neighbors, and informally with Rochester City Council members.

Brutger said the project's design has qualities similar to the Homewood Suites that is located on the adjacent block to the west, as well as design components suggested locally.

"We think we've designed a very nice project," Brutger said.

A unique opportunity for the project comes from its proximity to the Mayo Clinic campus. There is "a good possibility," Brutger said, of constructing a tunnel to the clinic campus that could incorporate a food court and transit center.

"We are looking at developing a tunnel system, both to connect to Saint Marys and because (Rochester) Public Works is talking about a tunnel along Second Street Southwest," said CRW Architect Wade Goodenberger.



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