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A sub-site of, wants to prove the "you get what you measure" principle by aggregating a sample of key metrics a healthy community should care about, how they are compared to other communities and how they are trending. It also links these metrics to the "anchored projects/plans/programs" that are being funded in our area to track how well these projects are doing in contributing to the overarching community metrics.The site is another way to "beam" up transparency, accountability, responsiveness and process-centric attributes of a community-wide social system. To shine light on its effectiveness and force intentional collaboration.


About the OpenBeam For Purpose Enterprise (FPE)

We are part of a growing network of professionals in Rochester and around the world who want to put our skills to use to help the community. We believe in transparency, accountability and enablement. Some of us belong to the BEAM network. We hope to build, enable, activate and model (BEAM) the use of open source technologies to enable the construction of public initiatives such as DMC in an open and collaborative manner.


About Al Lun

Al Lun Photo

Retired from IBM, Al Lun has worked in the computer industry for over 3 decades. He has worked in technology development in various capacities including architecture, project management, software/hardware development and people management.

While active in Rochester-area philanthropic boards, Al is also building out the Community Beam website to co-create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared

He believes in the 4P principle of running an organization: People, Process, Product, Profit, in that order.


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About Community Beam

The Community Beam portal was built to help create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared.

If you find the information contained here useful, please make donations to either the Rochester Area Family Y or Diversity Council or both.

I am a board member of both of these fine charitable organizations.



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